Calilhanna, A. (2019). Teaching musical meter to school-age students through the Ski-Hill graph.

Teaching Musical Meter to School-Age Students Through the Ski-Hill Graph aims to demonstrate the “pedagogability” of modern meter theory, that is, that new scholarship on the meter can translate into a coherent and practically implementable instructional curriculum, with various advantages for school-age students… Read more 


Calilhanna, Andrea, & Onwubiko, Stephen G. (2019). Mathematical music theory and the representation of Igbo music.

Many of the current analytical methods to study African (Nigerian) music lack the qualities necessary to recognize the intricate imbibements from music….. Read more 


Calilhanna, Andrea, & Onwubiko, Stephen G. (2019). Mathematical music theory of embodied acoustics of Ikoro music using beat-class theory.

Through mathematical representation (beat-class theory) of embodied acoustics(psychoacoustics) the predominance of the musical tradition of the Ikoro drum with the Igbo’s can be traced from the past, into the present, and forecasted into the future… Read more 


Calilhanna, Andrea, & Onwubiko, Stephen G. (2019). Decolonizing African music with visualizations and sonifications using beat-class theory.

Explaining how new music theory combines understandings of both music and mathematics and with a focus on the musical meter, we present a student-centered approach to learning. We achieve this through visualizations and sonifications of beat-class theory, using ski-hill graphs and circular cyclic graphs… Read more  


Milne, A. J. and Calilhanna, A. M. (2019). Teaching music with mathematics A pilot study.

Conducted teaching intervention involving the use of mathematics and associated software to teach rhythm and meter to Year 9 pupils. This intervention served as a feasibility and pilot study within a broader project related to the mutual teaching of mathematics and music…

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