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We offer Piano, Saxophone and Music Theory lessons for all Ages. Piano accompaniment. Beginner to advanced levels for exams and leisure. Personalised lessons tailored for Individualised learning. General Knowledge, Aural Skills, Musicianship, Sight Reading.




Piano Lesson

Tailored piano lessons for students of all levels, my teaching approach gives the student a chance to understand piano music, the theory of music in relation to piano performance and accompaniment, sight playing of pieces including classical, popular, jazz comping, improvisation and more.


Saxophone Lesson

All you need to know to start learning to be a great saxophone player - easy-to-follow, lesson-by-lesson saxophone tutorials. Suitable for all ages and all types of saxophones including alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, and baritone saxophone. No prior knowledge of how to read music or saxophone lessons is required. Beginners welcome. Band and exam preparation.

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Music Theory Lessons

Learn mathematical music theory to deepen your understanding and appreciation of the music you perform and listen to.  Discover how visualising sound as mathematics (beat-class) through ski-hill and cyclic graphs and annotating scores, informs your performance and understanding of how music works.