Cherrybrook Music Studio Autumn Concert

March 21, 2021

Once again, all of my students made me very proud through your performances at our first Cherrybrook Music Studio Concert for 2021. Each of you worked hard in your lessons and at home to prepare your work to share with us at our Autumn concert. Thank you to all of our parents also who support and nurture the love of music in their homes.

I have the privilege of following your music journeys to observe how you have learned to read music, analyse the meter, worked on tricky rhythms, solved problems with notation, learned voice-leading and more through visualisations and sonifications through mathematical music theory! Workshopping your music through the ski-hill graph, circle (cyclic) graphs and linear graphs to analyse the cycles and to map the beat-class to these graphs and annotate scores has become for you a familiar way over the years to learn music deeply.

Through engaging with these instruments of music theory to enable you to articulate your experience of music, mathematics and acoustics assists you to achieve rhythmic stability, knowledge of the structure of your pieces, in depth understandings of harmony and so much more. We all notice the difference in your performances from when you began learning your pieces to your polished performances and as your teacher this is very inspirational for me. I very much look forward to Term 2 as we continue the learning through mathematical music theory to study the embodied psychoacoustic experience of music.

A very happy Easter everyone and have a good holiday!
Mrs C.