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29 November 2020

Hi all,

Congratulations on a great effort at Sunday’s concert! I was very proud of everyone and each of you made the afternoon a very memorable occasion. Your love of music and learning music through mathematical music theory was reflected through your wonderful performances. Thank you for sharing your musical journey with us through performing your music at An Afternoon of Music. Also, families and friends your enthusiasm and support for our students’ music education is a constant source of inspiration for me as their teacher. I love talking with you all about the benefits you observe to your children for learning music through a psychoacoustic approach to mathematical theory. Finally, keep up the good work visualizing beat-class theory through ski-hill and cyclic graphs to annotate scores and learn about performance.

About the author : cherrybrook

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  1. steve August 3, 2022 at 6:49 pm - Reply

    Very Impressive